December 11, 2013

Travelling Art. Old City 2013 | exhibition in Spain

In November 2013 I had an opportunity to participate in the exhibition Travelling Art. Old City 2013 in Valencia. The exhibition was organised on the occasion of the Valencian Festival of the Arts Ciutat Vella Oberta 2013 and took place in Hall Cátedra, on the Plaza de los Pinazos in Valencia. Works by artists from all over the world taking part in the exhibition were shown also on the screen situated in the old city of Valencia.
Exhibition was curated by Victoria Cano.

Participating artists:
Australia -Len Zuks
Corea del Sur- Ilseon Ryu
Finland - Tero Annanolli; Bambu Hellstedt ; Inkeri Makkonen;
Germany- Hertha Miessner
Indonesia - Tiarma Sirait
Italy - Maria Luisa Branduardi; Tobia Ravà; Camelia Mirescu.
Lebanon - Lena Kelekian Sulahian; Hagop Hrant Sulahian
Liechstestein- Vlado Franjević.
Luxemburg - Martine Deny
Mongolia - Shatarsaikhan Biziya
Netherland – Harald Schole
Poland -Lola Fischer
Spain - Victoria Cano
Switzerland: Margaretha Gubernale
Russia- Tania Antoshina.

October 6, 2013

"The subways of creativity", April 2013, Valencia

In April 2013 I participated in a very interesting project, linking conceptual art, installation and literature, The subways of creativity.
The exhibiton Shared artist's book was organised on the occasion of The International Day of the Book, and it took place in the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia and in the library of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, from 23rd to 30th April 2013.
The project was coordinated by Victoria Cano.

Curators of the exhibition:
Spain-Victoria Cano
Italy-Luisa Mariani
Germany-Hertha Miessner
South Korea-Ilseon Ryu

October 4, 2013

Celeste Prize 2013

This year I had an honour to be one of 120 semi-finalists in Celeste Prize 2013. My work Camouflage was selected from among 1717 works by the curator Barak Ami.

Lola Fischer | Camouflage from Lola Fischer on Vimeo.

Video, Human figure, Short film, 16:9, 1 Minutes 18 Seconds, 2011

The work Camouflage is a recorded process of putting the make-up on. The stylistics of that situation is inspired by the beauty canon of 80’s and 90’s, and also by beauty sessions in fashion magazines. The woman’s beauty and her image is a metaphor of artistic creativity which could also be analyzed on two levels – first of all, we can interpret it on aesthetic level, and – second of all – on the level of the idea. There is always a risk that the woman can be a prisoner of her attractiveness. There is also a risk that the creation can be meaningless from the level of the idea. The canons of beauty are changeable and relative. The idea shall be invariable.

August 26, 2012


This year I had an opportunity to be invited to take part in two exhibitions in Beirut. The second exhibition took place in the UK embassy in Beirut, as a part of Olympic events, on the Queen's Bitrhday Party at Solidere Zeituni bay. The vernissage took place on June 13th 2012, and then the exhibition was exhibited in the legendary Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut. The theme of the exhibition was the UK flag painted by the Olimpic artist of OFAA.

UK flag by Lola Fischer ( 80 x 200 cm )

June 3, 2012

"UNESCO World Day for Cultural Diversity" exhibition in Beirut (Lebanon)

I have an honour to take part in an open air exhibition "World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Developement" in The International Flag Art Beirut Solidere waterfront in Lebanon.

The exhibition is under very honorable patronage of UNESCO, Solidere, MEADOWS (Mediterranean Endeavors Advancing Development of Widespread Sustainability) and OFAA (Olimpia Fine Arts Association). The curator of an exhibition is a President of OFAA, Ms Lena Kelekian.

The theme of an exhibition is "Cultural Diversity". The opening ceremony took place on the 21st May 2012, and was an absolutely exceptional event. The exhibition will last until 30th August 2012.


I would like to thank Lena Kelekian very much. Lena has put lots of hard work to organise that amazing exhibition! I'd also like to congratulate all the OFAA artists who have taken part in this fantastic artistic event! Thank you all!!!

Infinity by Lola Fischer (100x380 cm)

Lena Kelekian during the LBC TV interview.

March 31, 2012

Constellations series by Lola Fischer

Constellation modulus 1
Constellation modulus 2
Constellation 1
Constellation 2
Constellation 3

Constellation series | 70x100 cm | 100x70 cm | linocut | 2008